ABOUT ME (nonwork stuff)
Last Updated 07.06.18

I was born and raised in Lexington, KY.  I attended Cassidy Elementary School, Morton Middle School, Henry Clay High School (class of 1999), the University of Kentucky (class of 2004), the American College, the University of Chicago (class of 2010), and Texas Tech University (class of 2016).
In my spare time I enjoy running (but I'm not very fast), chasing after my kids, and spending time with my wife (Sarah, who is a veterinarian but is currently serving as CEO of the Blanchett Household). 

Here is a family photo from June 2018.

I have a twin brother named Brian who also has a website, but it's not nearly as good as mine (he was dropped as child, at least once... poor guy).  It can be accessed here.